The Morning Sidekick Journal is a science based journal that gets you laser focused on your morning productivity/happiness in 3 minutes everyday. Make it fun and easy to wake up and have the best morning, every morning --- whether your mornings start at 5am, 11am, or somewhere in between!

When you first use your Sidekick Journal, you'll be walked through three simple steps:

Establish WHY you are doing this

Strategize on HOW you're going to do it

Prepare for WHAT you're going to do on daily basis

This empowers you with an arsenal of tools to tackle your mornings and make them something you actually look forward to. With this established, you're ready to conquer the three phases of building a new habit.

Skim Through The First Phase

A look inside The Morning Sidekick Journal

20000 Copies Sold
Rated 4.74 / 5 Stars
Amazon Best Seller
Featured in Harvard Business School
20000 Copies Sold
Amazon Best Seller
4.7 Star Reviews
Featured in Harvard Business School

Get Laser Focused

Get laser focused on specified actions you can take each day to turbocharge your mornings.

Increase Productivity

Increase daily productivity by outlining your most important task to conquer.

Daily Content

Stay excited and engaged with new daily challenges, strategies and inspiration each day.

Accountability & Tracking

Specific sections in the introduction and content are dedicated to creating your own systems of accountability.

Reviews + Testimonials

Reviews + Testimonials

Our Testimonials

Sneak Peek

The journal is divided into three unique 'Phases.' Each phase provides a tracking page and daily content specifically tailored to help you defeat the struggle associated with the phase you're in of the habit-building process.

Why Does The Morning Sidekick Journal Actually Work?

This journal is a life coach, accountability partner, and teacher all in one. It provides the perfect research-based strategy for becoming an early riser, and teaches you everything you need to know about the habit-building process.

Curated Content

Each day you'll get new bite-sized, actionable content that you can apply immediately to improving your mornings.

External Support

Enjoying a healthy source of outside accountability to keep you inspired and receive the information/knowledge you need.

Tracking Your Progress

Track your mornings with essential metrics. Create momentum through building streaks. Become conscious of benefits you're realizing even when they start feeling normal.

DIGITAL VERSION AVAILABLE: We’ve created a digital PDF of the entire journal you can purchase in addition to the book. This is infinitely reusable and has FILLABLE fields that you can type in on your computer.

Invest in yourself

Undated - Start On Your Time

66 Days of Tracking & Content

Backed by Behavioral Science

The most powerful skill you can possess is:

The ability to make the choices that take you closer to your goals and avoid the ones that push you further away.

When you undertake the struggle to change a daily habit, you re-wire your brain to understand that nothing can get in the way of what you decide to do.

If you gain the ability to control your daily actions, then you can begin to choose who you are and how you live.

Lucky for us, the hardest habits to gain control over are the ones that are the most valuable for our physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing.

So, choose to invest in yourself.


Q. How many days long is the journal?
A. 66 days. This is based on new behavioral research in the European Journal of Social Psychology on how long it takes to successfully build a new habit 1

Q. Where do you ship to?
A. All over the world! More shipping details at the bottom of this page.

Shipping Details

Ships from Los Angeles in 1 working day. Takes 5-7 working days to arrive domestically and 10-19 working days internationally (due to customs clearance).

Refund & Return Policy

50 years. Full refund, any condition, guaranteed.

Why? Because we created products for people to USE and LOVE. We only want diehard fans and people who truly love what we’ve created to.

That being said, we know we can’t build the perfect product for everybody — in fact, we probably shouldn’t. If you for any reason aren’t loving your journal, you have 50 years to decide to return it. Just send an email to [email protected] and we’ll take care of you.

If you are on the fence of getting the journals, I (Mikey, a cofounder) will personally interject to say we built each of them with love, alongside the first-hand struggle of building habits ourselves. I implore you to try using one of our journals for even 3 days straight - you’ll see a major difference in your life, I guarantee it.