The Morning Sidekick Journal

The Sidekick Journal gets you focused on building the most productive morning routine on the planet.

You'll do this two ways.

1. Laser-focused tracking.

Daily tracking is a trait the greatest olympic athletes to do be successful - and we're applying it here too. With the Sidekick Journal you'll keep track of daily:

Every night, you'll track:

Then every day, you'll track:

In addition to this tracking, you'll also grow each day through new daily content.....

2. Applying a new strategy every day.

Next to each daily tracking page is daily content that will show you a new actionable strategy you can apply to winning your mornings. These range from tips such as:


  1. The secret of what time you should go to bed (page 27)
  2. How to hold yourself accountable with automated nightly "go to sleep!" texts (page 31)
  3. What Tim Cook and Richard Branson do specifically to jumpstart their mornings (pages 46 and 141)
  4. How to immediately fill yourself with energy 15 seconds of waking up (page 71)
  5. An affirmation that will make you feel absolutely unstoppable & full of energy on a physiological level (page 105)
  6. The exact actions you should take the second you realize you're having an "off day" (page 177)

Each of these is broken down to be extremely actionable, ridiculously simple to implement, and has been individually proven to be useful with hundreds of people. 

If you're someone who's not all talk and is ready to actually put action in to shift your life, this journal will be your sidekick to success. Get it now.

The Morning Sidekick Journal