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You are already beautiful.

Self acceptance and self love is the most attractive quality out there.

And if you want to be super strong, have a kickass body that will support you for life, this is the journal for you.

Badass Body Goals is your personal trainer in a book.

It teaches you everything you need to know about booty building, fat loss, and working out effectively to meet your goals, and then provides 10 weeks of complete, guided workouts you'll use to make outrageously quick progress.

A simple, effective system to guarantee your results!

A book, fitness coach, daily fitness tracker, and friend all in one.

No thinking required! Just open the journal, follow the workouts, and track your progress!

Perfect for anyone who has struggled with sticking to a consistent workout routine.

Incorporates HIIT, resistance training, and core stabilization into the workouts.

We created The Badass Body Goals Journal to tackle every important aspect of effective exercise so that the only thing you need to do is commit to completing every day’s workout!

Sneak Peek

Each day's workouts are designed to target your booty and core at different angles for complete muscle development, while emphasizing fat loss for an optimal all-round workout.

There are 50 workouts in the journal. Your only job is to complete the workout for each day and track the number of reps you're completing for each exercise.

A Crash Course On Booty Building

Take a short booty quiz, learn about the anatomy of the booty and core, find the reasons people don’t get the results they want, and see a complete explanation of how you’re going to get incredible results and an even more badass body.

10 Weeks of Complete Guided Workouts

Every workout is completely laid out so that you simply follow along and write down what you're doing. It's designed to TORCH fat and build your booty as quickly as possible.

Challenging 4-3-2-1 Workouts

The 4-3-2-1 method is fundamentally rooted in High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) which has been proven to burn the most fat as effectively as possible.

Accountability That Works

Get daily support from an exclusive accountability Facebook group.

The Breakdown:

3 Days of 4-3-2-1:

Quick but efficient. Each 4-3-2-1 day offers a challenging 25 minute workout of pure results.

One day per week, the entire 4-3-2-1 routine will be dedicated to sculpting your butt and legs.

The second day will primarily aim to trim your waist line and develop your core and abdominal muscles.

The third day will have an ideal mix of lower body and upper body exercises for well-rounded muscle development and toning.

2 Days of Weight Training:

The two remaining workouts in the week will consist of a variety of weight training exercises to ensure that you're achieving the right muscle development to look as strong, fit, and sexy as possible!

Designed by Fitness + Health Expert

We've created a revolutionary product that gives you all the information + motivation you need to act on your fitness goals, and acts as your personal trainer in a notebook.

Tracking Your Progress

By writing down how many reps you're completing of each exercise, you'll be clearly tracking your progress throughout the program.

About Jennifer Cohen

Jennifer Cohen, best-selling author, consultant, entrepreneur, fitness and health expert emerged as an influential role model and game changer for the fitness industry.

Her stellar reputation has been built on a savvy, straight-talking approach and belief in a “no excuse” approach that forgoes the fads and focuses on long-term, sustainable results.

Cohen has been a spokesperson and consultant for brands like Weight Watchers, KIND Bars and Muscle Milk. She has been named in “Greatest” 100 most influential people in Health and Fitness” and #16 Most Impactful Fitness Entrepreneurs on Web MD.

Jennifer has appeared in multiple media outlets, some of which include The Today Show, Good Morning America, Dr Oz, People, Glamour, Seventeen, Woman’s Health, Wall Street Journal and the Los Angeles Times. She has also had the opportunity to be the featured trainer on The CW’s Shredding for the Wedding.

Jennifer is also a loving wife and a mother to two children. She build the Badass Body Goals Journal with love alongside the Habit Nest team.

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DIGITAL VERSION AVAILABLE: We’ve created a digital PDF of the entire journal you can purchase in addition to the book. This is infinitely reusable and has FILLABLE fields that you can type in on your computer.

A No-Nonsense Workout Guide
With Powerful Results. Take Action!