The Nutrition & Weight Management Sidekick Journal

The Fat Loss and Nutrition Sidekick Journal is an incredibly effective way to lose weight, understand how to manage your weight, and boost your health and energy dramatically. 

 It will serve as your research-based book, journal, coach, and friend all in one, giving you everything you need to happily lose weight and adopt the lifestyle habit of healthy eating.

A simple, effective system to guarantee your results!

A look inside the Sidekick Journal Series

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The beauty of the Nutrition Sidekick Journal

A Crash Course On Nutrition

The journal starts with a crash course on how different types of food affect the body, and a simple explanation of how the body can be manipulated to burn fat.

Clarify your exact eating goals

Whether you're counting calories, macronutrients, or using a more intuitive eating style (i.e. only eat foods that make me feel good), the journal will help you clarify what eating style is best for you and help you track your progress with it all.

Curated Content To Help You Optimize Your Eating Strategy

The three-phase content structure helps facilitate your growth and keeps you engaged and inspired throughout the process. Each day you'll net new bite-sized, actionable content!

Accountability & Tracking

Stay consistent with a simple, daily accountability system. The tracking page is specifically designed to keep you highly accountable to your weight management & health goals. Specific sections in the introduction and content are also dedicated to creating your own systems of accountability.

Emotional Eater? We've got you covered.

The journal has a big focus on overcoming the emotional obstacles we all face when it comes to food. It's written with empathy and will guide you through what to do in situations when you want to overeat.

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